Every person in this world wants to lead a healthy and laughing-life.today we went to see the major difference and similarity between yoga and gym or fitness. So this is common question everybody Has Which is better. Should I go to yoga class? or should I go to the gym or fitness class? I personally have been practicing both yoga and fitness many years now.

1. What is the main purpose of yoga?

The main purpose of yoga is to remove tension from the body and mind. At the same time, exercising more than each other in the gym promotes loud sound and flashing light tension. You make a beautiful and shapely body from the gym, but you become disturbed by the inner and mental aspects.

2. What happens during yoga?

During Yoga, the body has to stretch, rotate and fold. This action is beneficial for the digestive system, circulatory system, and lymphatic system. It cures your heart system by removing the toxic substance from your body. Whereas gym workout only strengthens muscles and cures cardio.

3. What does yoga produce?

Yoga produces heat in the body and the muscles get stressed. But in this, you do as much as your body can do. While in the gym, you take too much weight, which puts pressure on the joints and may also hurt.

4. What is possible by yoga?

Treatment of diseases from the gym is not possible. But many diseases can be eliminated from the root of Yoga Practice. Which today also holds medical science. Exercising your gym only strengthens your body. But Yoga strengthens your mind along with your body. And helps keep your mind balanced.

5. You don’t find one thing in Yoga?

Many Yoga centers do not have glass. From which you can focus on your body. While there are glasses in the gym, you worry that others will be watching you. And you also start seeing others who stray your attention.

6. What is not necessary during yoga?

It is very important to focus on a diet for the gym or else you will get sick. But for yoga, it is not necessary that you focus on the diet.

7. Yoga gives us inner peace.

Yoga keeps you fresh, energetic and happy. Yoga brings peace to the mind, On the other hand, Jim offers you beautiful and fitness. after doing the gym, the brain gets disturbs.

8. Yoga has no side effects.

 Yoga does not cause any side effects in the body. Yoga gives you less tiredness. But there are many side effects to the gym. Your muscles may cause pain. You feel very tired after doing gym.

9. What makes yoga?

The gym makes your body muscular. But simultaneously eliminates your body’s flexibility, either slowly or slowly. As a result, the rest of your body also has a bad effect. But Yoga makes your body flakable. As a result, all the organs of the bodywork in proportionally.

10. You will always feel in Yoga safe.

The gym makes you aggressive. Yoga makes you quiet and relaxed from inside. The possibility of damage to some parts of your body in the gym is always maintained. But there is no possibility of getting damaged in yoga.

11. What does yoga provide us?

Yoga provides color to another body. On the other hand, it also awakens the soul. And communicates a positive energy. On the other hand, the workout done on the gym is physically fit. It reduces spiritual and spiritual benefits.

12. Benefits by Yoga.

 Yoga is a Holistic science. That is designed to develop the mental faculties and create a calm and unpeaceful mind. The unhealthy body it just away by the product where are you see in fitness or gym.  The whole purpose is to create a beautiful looking body and building muscles so it is very body oriented it is got nothing to do mind.

13. Regular practice yoga improving awareness

Yoga practice is done with 100% Awareness of the breath of the body of the mind. Various in the gym or physical fitness there is no awareness involved.

14.Effects on Yoga and Jim’s Body

Practicing yoga a fix all the systems of the body. Touch by yoga practice is holistic and it helps and maintaining and overall health. Various in gym and fitness is majorly affecting the escalating Mercules system and the circulatory system.

15. What is build in the body by practicing yoga?

If you see both the forms of practice on the body level can be used to build strength and stamina. But if you see exclusively yoga helps in building your muscle tone. Various gym helps you exclusively build muscle altogether.

16. What is the effect of yoga practice on the body?

In Yoga practices, the body is just an instrument to achieve the perfection of the mind and well being. Various in gym and fitness the body is too good.

17. Who can do yoga?

Anyone can do yoga like a child, young and old man. Yoga can be done without tender. Jim is not suitable for everyone, either an old person or a person with blood pressure. But you can not do anything without the trainer’s guidance at the gym.

18. What you can access during Yoga?

With Yoga, you can assess your weaknesses and powers right. Yoga not only improves itself but also enhances the soulful belief. If you do not do well in the gym then your confidence starts to shudder.

19.The Summary of yoga.

During stress, we cannot breathe properly. Without a deep breath, it can not be thought proper. During yoga, we keep calm and feel relaxed. Yoga does not have a drop of dumbles, toothbrushing, and mouthing like the gym.



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